Posted on: August 2, 2009 1:09 pm

Preseason Power rankings

I know... I know.... Preseason Power rankings do not mean much at all. We never know what teams will show up the first game of the year, who will get injured, and what draft/free agents will do well. So do not take these rankings seriously - or any other rankings that are out there. This is just for fun.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - Defending Champs... they haven't lost much - until they lose they will remain #1
2. New England Patriots - With Brady back and some of their offseason moves- I can easily see them back in the Super Bowl. But 
                                        of course IF Brady isn't completely himself - the Pats could drop fast!

3. Philadelphia Eagles - I thought they were better than Arizona last year. With draft and other moves in the off season this 
                                       could be their year

4. New York Giants– Its going to be a dog fight this year between the Eagles and Giants. They are hungry again! And we all saw what happens when this team gets hungry - ask the Patriots

5. Baltimore Ravens- Tough defense and Joe with another year under his belt!

6. Tennessee Titans- Tennessee lost some key players in the offseason, but I think they are deep enough and will gel in time to be a  force

7. San Diego Chargers- This team always has Talent, but consistency has always been this teams problem

8. Arizona Cardinals- Arizona still can win. But I don't see them sneaking up on any one this year. It will be a tougher year, but with Warner and Larry- they can still be a force in the NFC

9. Indianapolis Colts- as long as the defense show ups this team will be good because Peyton will take care of the other side of the ball

10. New Orleans Saints- Many polls are ranking this team much higher. I even saw a few that predicted them to go to the SB. The last few years preseason polls did the same. They have talent- but they just need to prove they can win now.

11. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan with another year! I like this kid. I think he will surprise many of us again this year.

12. Minnesota Vikings- Good defense and running game. I'm not confident in the QBs yet. Until they get a QB that can lead this team- they will continue to be just a little above average team

13. Chicago Bears- Cutler can lead this team! But will the rest of the offense let him down? A big question.

14. Carolina Panthers- great running game! This team could easily move up or move down. Depends on the leadership

15. Miami Dolphins- I don't think they will surprise anyone this year. They still have a decent TEAM though.

16. Houston Texans- The Texans have a tough division. If it wasn't for that they could be ranked much higher.

17. Green Bay Packers- Many people are down on this team, but not much has changed since Farve led them to the NFC Championship a few years ago. Rodgers will do fine if he gets the support he needs from the coaching staff.

18. Dallas Cowboys- They still have talent without TO. However, they are still not much of a team. And I don't see Wade helping much. I know most Cowboy fans still believe in Romo. But until he becomes a leader and starts winning some high pressure games- this team will continue to struggle in December and the playoffs. Also, with the GIANTS and EAGLES in the same division - it could be a long year for Cowboy fans.

19. San Francisco 49ers- I'm excited about this team. I don't think most fans realize how much talent this team has. This team could easily move up in the polls if Mike can get this team to gel as a team. Yes, the QB situation is still there... so who knows. But I do think it is crazy after the end of last season and the talent the niners have - to rank this team much lower than this.

20. Buffalo Bills- TO. I don't know. I think he wants to prove he can be a team player this year. What happens though when he isn't getting the ball and the team struggles? The team suffers.

21. Washington Redskins- Great defense. Offense has many holes and question marks. QB?

22. Seattle Seahawks- Fans of the Seahawks think that this team will return to its winning ways this year. I don't see it. With a new coach and many question marks. Maybe they will surprise me this season, but I don't think so.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars- rebuilding year?

24. Cincinnati Bengals- Made some good offseason moves. They always do and then fail during the season.

25. New York Jets- I struggled with this ranking. I think they have a decent team, but they also have some issues in a tough division

26. Kansas City Chiefs- Could surprise some people this year. Cassel and a new coach.

27. Oakland Raiders- If Garcia starts they will do better than .500. If not... they will stay here.

28. Cleveland Browns- who is the QB?

29. Denver Broncos- They will regret getting rid of Mike. If they haven't already. They also made some really bad offseason moves.

30. St Louis Rams – They are still rebuilding

 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I just don't see much hope with this team. They will struggle

 32. Detroit Lions – Just like the Steelers who have to lose to fall from #1. The Lions will have to win to get off the bottom.

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